AkzoNobel en Itaconix gaan samenwerken om bio-based polymer technology verder te ontwikkelen.

Met de technieken van Itaconix hoopt AkzoNobel productieprocessen te ontwikkelen om suikers uit mais via fermentatie om te zetten in polymeren voor kunststof- en voedingstoepassingen.

Doing more with less

“This innovation enables the production of polymers from renewable ingredients, which fits closely with our ‘Planet Possible’ sustainability agenda of doing more with less,” explained Peter Nieuwenhuizen, RD&I Director for Akzo Nobel’s Specialty Chemicals business. “These bio-based polymers offer unique properties in applications essential to our everyday lives, ranging from water quality to cleaning and hygiene.”

Bio-based chemistry on a large scale

Itaconix is a US subsidiary of Revolymer, which is also working with Akzo Nobel on a marine coatings project. Kevin Matthews, CEO of Revolymer, said: “Akzo Nobel has worldwide capabilities to utilise our itaconic acid polymers in many application areas. We believe this agreement is an important step for the further development of bio-based chemistry on a large scale.” Nieuwenhuizen added that the deal is the latest example of Akzo Nobel’s commitment to fostering innovation and approaching the topic in an open and collaborative way.



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