Brainport Region Eindhoven Partner Rittal: Meeting highest demands in quality, availability and servitization


Gyro Gearlooses gather in Brainport’, ‘Silicon Valley of the Dutch Delta’, ‘High-tech in the Lowlands’. Most headlines agree that Brainport Region Eindhoven thanks its success to the combined power of corporate, governmental and academic resources. As a long-term supplier and global knowledge partner of Brainport companies like ASML and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Rittal actively contributes to the international advancement of the Dutch high-tech sector.

Brainport Region Eindhoven is the region with the fastest growing economy in the Netherlands, but supplying and supporting the world’s most advanced high-tech companies is not for everyone. Brainport company partners must be able to meet stellar demands on a global scale. Besides being able to supply the best materials and components, they need to be fully equipped  to quickly upscale production if needed. For developing innovative products in Brainport Region Eindhoven, only a handful of the most capable technology providers are invited, and Rittal is one of them.

Rittal, headquartered in Herborn, Hessen, Germany, is a leading global provider of solutions for industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure, as well as software and services. Rittal solutions can be found in more than 90 percent of all industrial sectors worldwide.

Elbert Raben, Manager Product Group IT Rittal B.V.:

“We support our partners in Brainport Region Eindhoven to compete in the highest league of the global tech community with expertise and our flagship IT infrastructure solutions for the world’s most discerning clients operating in diverse global industries, from medical sciences to the worlds of high finance, where stakes are always high, and failure is never an option.

That’s why our Brainport partners need to have control over all operational aspects that might affect their business, including those of their suppliers. They must be able to bank on production upscaling capacity as well continuous cost effectiveness optimization. Global technology partner Rittal has proven to be proficient in meeting the highest of these demands. In the Brainport partnerships, we operate as technology strategists, constantly finding new ways to add value to processes of our supply chain partners.”

Theo Gerritzen, Product Manager Enclosure Systems Rittal B.V.:

“We support the teams of our clients and partners at Brainport Region Eindhoven with know-how and a world of experience in developing in- and outdoor enclosure-solution

“Effective optimization requires a clear view on day to day activities and a pragmatic, down to earth approach to improve them. Rittal is a champion in doing exactly that. All of the current collaborations between Brainport companies and Rittal originate from a shared interest in co-innovation, co-optimization and close collaboration to add value to the technology user.

Theo Kneepkens
(KLA) about supercycle of growth: Í hope that supply industry expands its capacity’. Read this edition of link magazine digitally via this link

We support the teams of our clients and partners at Brainport Region Eindhoven with know-how and a world of experience in developing in- and outdoor enclosure-solutions. We always start by listening very carefully to all the needs (prominent and hidden) of our development partners. Then we start looking for new opportunities to support our clients and supply chain partners, and we never stop finding new possibilities to optimize processes in logistics or mechanical engineering or assembly. There’s not one reason why companies from the Brainport Partners choose Rittal as their preferred supplier and innovation partner, there are many. It’s all in the mix that only Rittal offers: the highest quality and scalability of modular Rittal The System products, a global presence, future-oriented flexibility and continuous drive for optimization makes Rittal the Brainport Region Eindhoven tech-partner of choice.”



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