MATLAB EXPO is a one-day event organised by MathWorks, where engineers as well as product and line managers can learn about the latest product capabilities of MATLAB® and Simulink®. Users will present innovative applications they developed using these MathWorks tools. There will also be ample opportunity for networking and visiting demonstrations of real-life applications by MathWorks and over fifteen partner companies. The event in Eindhoven will feature a keynote presentation by Hardt on revolutionising transportation with the Hyperloop and one by Tessella on the design of an autonomous control system for ESA’s Solar Orbiter satellite.


A very brief guide to autonomy

  • Autonomous system: an adaptive system (machine, robot, car, airplane) that can make decisions and act based on sensing and learning from its environment, where typically in the past human intervention was necessary.
  • Machine learning: numerical method (as a central part of artificial intelligence) with algorithms using computational methods to ‘learn’ information directly from data without assuming a predetermined equation as a model.
  • Deep learning: form of machine learning with amazing capability for human-like learning, especially for image recognition.
  • Big data: engineering and/or business data collected from any source (sensors, internet) in such large quantities that they cannot be handled by a computer without smart software to deal with memory and performance limitations.







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