3T steps up healthcare activities in 2021


3T has been active as a developer of customer-specific electronics and embedded software for third parties for more than 25 years. Clients are found in various sectors: from measuring instruments and devices and machine construction to communication systems, defence and security. ‘Products with a high technical complexity and high quality and involving a great deal of legislation and regulations. That suits us just fine. These focal points can also be found in medical products, which is why we will devote more attention to them this year,’ explains Richard Mijnheer, CEO at 3T.

Back in 2016, 3T started a process to become medically certified. ‘We have already obtained the ISO 13485 certificate. You find that it makes it easier to enter the market. And that’s what we’re doing, because if you want to be successful in a market, you have to gain knowledge and experience in it.’ To this end, 3T has opted for a transition to a more market-focused approach, with the company specifically targeting the high-tech industry, defence & security, testing and measuring equipment and medical devices.

The choice for healthcare has several reasons. ‘It is of course a growth market, because cure and care are becoming increasingly important. People are getting older, need more care, and so investments in care are stepped up. It is also a sector of many innovations. And as a company we like to develop instruments and products that help people to recover,’ says Mr Mijnheer.

Theo Kneepkens
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Conversely, companies looking for an electronics partner that have found their way to 3T have definitely come to the right place. ‘We are no longer a small player. Including the flexible layer, we have about one hundred employees. Besides body, we also have the know-how and can offer customers continuity. Our company has always been healthy, we have never made a loss. That makes us a solid partner that companies can rely on for a long time,’ says Mijnheer. ‘And you have to, if you want to work for big parties.’

3T has already carried out a number of high-profile healthcare projects. For Sirius Medical in Eindhoven, for example, it developed a device for performing breast cancer operations more cosmetically sound, and for The 37 Company in Amersfoort it developed a device for managing patients’ body temperature. ‘In the near future we want to gain even more market knowledge and become a serious partner in healthcare.’



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