Overname IPH en samenvoeging met Brammer definitief


Advent International, een van de grootste private equity investors ter wereld, heeft de overname bekend gemaakt van IPH, een Europese industrial supplies distributor en het moederbedrijf van Biesheuvel Techniek. Het bedrijf wordt overgenomen van PAI Partners, een grote Europese private equity firm. Advent, dat eerder dit jaar Brammer Limited van de Londense beurs haalde, wil IPH samenvoegen met Brammer, om zo een van de grootste Europese distributors van industrial supplies te creeren, met een omzet van meer dan 1,3 miljard euro. De complementaire geografische dekking, productkennis en aanbod van de twee bedrijven zal de marktpositie van de combinatie versterken, zowel richting klanten als toeleveranciers, aldus een perscommuniqué van Advent.

Advent meldt daarin verder:

IPH distributes industrial supplies for maintenance and production applications in Europe. It offers power transmission products, machining solutions, industrial supply solutions and product-related services. IPH serves a range of industries, including heavy industry, chemical and pharmaceutical, food-processing, energy, transport, automotive, petrochemicals, and mechanical engineering industries. In 2016, IPH generated revenues of €1.3 billion.
Shonnel Malani, Managing Director, Advent International, said, ‘We are pleased to undertake a positive strategic step in the industry by bringing together two leading companies – Brammer and IPH – and are committed to investing in their combined success.’

Nicolas Holzman, partner at PAI, said, ‘During our investment period, IPH has transformed into a leading pan European platform. Since 2013, IPH has concluded more than 50 acquisitions with the entry in 5 new countries and an improved product offering. These achievements have enabled IPH to double in size. We wish now all possible success to IPH, Brammer and Advent.’
Pierre Pouletty, Chief Executive Officer, Groupe IPH, added, ‘We at IPH are very pleased to join with Brammer, and with the support of Advent, commence an exciting new chapter for our growth. As allied companies, IPH and Brammer will offer customers and suppliers great benefits from the enhanced value proposition our combined businesses.’
Hermann Maier, Chief Executive Officer, Brammer, added, ‘This marks an important step for Brammer. I have no doubt the combination with IPH will help us become an even better distribution partner and employer. As a combined group we are now able to move forward from a position of great strength.’

The transaction is subject to antitrust and regulatory clearance.




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